We specialise in creating websites with highly visual content where first impressions really matter.

We register your domain name and host your site in Europe where your privacy is protected.

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Website design

More than 60% of website browsing is on a mobile device. Our designs are 'mobile first' by design. They are fast-loading, attention-grabbing, & SEO-friendly, whether on mobile, tablet, or laptop. This is important because Google’s research shows that 53% of people will quit your mobile page if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load​
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Hosting Offshore

Your website may attract unwelcome attention from hackers, regulators, or others with malicious intent. If this is a concern, we have hosting on fast servers owned and managed in Europe. We can advise you on your current hosting privacy risks​
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Domain Privacy

Your domain name record makes your name and address publicly available unless you take steps to install privacy protection. We can register a new domain or transfer your existing one to a secure privacy registrar in Europe. We can advise you on your current domain registration privacy risks​
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Website Design

Portfolio examples


How We Work

Our base design styles have been created to cater for very different content types – from highly visual content to comprehensive text elements.

The key to getting the site completed quickly, effectively, and totally to your specifications, is to get everything set upfront.

Here are the steps…

If you already have a website, we can extract as much information as you like directly (including images).

The design phase is carried out on our development server. As for timing, if you can provide everything at the outset, then the design process can take as little as a few days. The process does depend on how quickly you can react to the private drafts we submit to you while we narrow down your preferred final design.

At the end there is a comprehensive testing phase. We don’t rely on automated systems to make your site look great on multiple devices. We tweak the settings manually to give you the very best result.

Payment can be by Bitcoin, Cashapp, or Zelle. On completion to your satisfaction, we provide access information allowing you to access the admin area, a full site backup, and your domain name. You then have complete control.

There are no monthly fees – only an annual renewal.
We make small changes to the site such as rates, touring, some images, etc without charge.

Hosting Offshore

Your hosting service provides the location where your site is made available to view. It’s your storefront. You can find out where you are hosted here.

Your website is probably hosted with one of a dozen major hosting companies, most of whom are US corporations based in the USA. Their Terms of Service vary, but a common theme, even if adult sites are not specifically forbidden, is that you may not conduct any illegal activity or do anything to bring the hosting corporation into disrepute.

If your site is hosted in the USA, or even by a US corporation who say they use offshore computer servers, you are at risk of termination without notice if they change their interpretation of their Terms of Service. Just being hosted offshore also carries problems. If your activities are perceived as illegal in the hosting country, your service may be terminated. In this context, we have advice from one host in Iceland that escort sites cannot be legally hosted there as such activities are contrary to Icelandic law. 

At the very least, keep a backup of your site somewhere else. If you are with one of the self-design services like Wix or Squarespace, who do not allow you to backup and transfer your site anywhere else, then if they ban your class of site, you and many hundreds of others will have to start to build a site again from scratch at a time of crisis for all.

We recommend that you create a copy of your current website and install under a fresh domain and host selected as above; then if you are terminated, you can redirect traffic to the copy location within a few hours.

We can arrange to install a newly-designed site or move your current site to European hosting servers.

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Domain Privacy

Your domain name is how you are known on the internet (eg It’s your address. Your domain registrar and information can be checked here.

The contact names and addresses should all be privacy-protected. If the name registrar or the privacy location are within the USA, you should consider moving your domain and privacy provider offshore. There is evidence that US-based privacy providers may give in to even gentle legal threats and reveal your information without notifying you in advance.

Moving offshore doesn’t guarantee privacy, but it’s one more big investment of time and energy for anyone wanting to know your personal details. The best location to which to transfer your domain is complex and much-debated. You can choose to stick with your current name extension, though you may consider this risky given that the usual extensions (.com; .org; .net) and most explicit ‘vanity’ extensions (.sex; .xxx; .fun) are ultimately controlled at the top level in the USA, facilitating demands for private information or domain cancellation. Changing your domain extension to one controlled by another country can also be tricky. Domain names registered in countries where your activities may unexpectedly be illegal, may be subject to termination or legal demands for information (for example, the popular .me extension is regulated by Montenegro where some adult work is illegal). We currently recommend using a Swiss domain extension (.ch). If you wish to retain your .com registration we can transfer it and privatise in a different country where adult activities are not referenced in any law and therefore is legal.

If you have owned your domain for a long time, it may be best to switch to a new extension as there are services which can report on all past domain name alterations, including any slip, however brief, that may have revealed your personal information. This decision will most likely be based on how much time, energy, and funds you think it justified to invest.

We can assist in registering a new name or moving your current name registration to secure privacy registrars in Europe where data protection laws are strong. As we counsel against using a false name or address to register, we use our own information as registrar and provide you with password-protected access to your name so you can make a transfer elsewhere or direct the domain to a different website anytime you wish. You therefore have complete privacy with complete control.

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Along with your bio and your statistics, great images are vital in creating an effective website.

Not all photographers understand the special aspects of shooting for this industry. How to show you in your best light. How to hide your face subtly if privacy is important. How to retouch images to remove tattoos and other imperfections in a way that produces a natural-looking result.

We work with one such photographer whose business – Lumanisity – is based in NYC. If you don’t have great images already, we suggest you make an appointment. Added to which, he is a professional videographer if you want to elevate your website with a video clip.

To help with your decision, if you arrange the photoshoot with Lumanisity at the same time as arranging a new site creation with us, we will both offer 10% off our normal rates as an incentive to create the best site possible.

For us, it’s the perfect win-win solution which will result in a top level website.

Visit Lumanisity

Your Design Options

Our principal aim is to create a website that engages with potential clients and leads them to making contact with you. We are flexible. We do the technical work so you don’t have to become a graphic designer or a hosting geek.

Your design can be based on one of our portfolio examples or any other site you’ve seen. Colors, fonts, and layouts are very flexible. We have a number of addons to help create the perfect site.

A year of offshore hosting and private domain registration in a European country is included.

We can also quote to transfer your existing site with offshore hosting and domain privacy. Simple transfer is prohibited for self-designed sites on services like Wix and Squarespace – we can completely recreate such sites and you will then have total control.

Please contact us using the form below for more information.

Single Page Website

$ 550 1st year. 2nd year-$250
No monthly charges
  • Private Swiss (.ch) Domain
  • Swiss hosting - 100% offshore
  • Single page design
  • 4 optimum content sections
  • Flexible fonts & colors
  • 16 image gallery with image popup
  • Comprehensive contact form
  • Cutting edge visual effects
  • Mobile speed optimized
  • Minor changes free (rates, etc)

Multi Page Website

$ 2200 1st year. 2nd year-$350
No monthly charges
  • Private Swiss (.ch) Domain
  • Swiss hosting - 100% offshore
  • Multi page design
  • 6 topic areas or pages
  • Up to 50 images in 3 galleries
  • Site backup in different country
  • Video hosted onsite (not Vimeo)
  • Mobile speed optimized
  • Admin page access
  • Domain control access
  • Minor changes free (rates, etc)


$ 75+ per Bespoke Addon
  • Specially designed Hero Page
  • Extra page
  • Extra gallery
  • Extra hosted video
  • Password-protected pages
  • Availability/Touring Calendar
  • Social media feeds
  • Blog setup
  • Reviews page
  • Newsletter
  • Google Analytics
  • External content (eg webcam)
  • Multiple email names

Additional Services

During the life of your site, we maintain safety controls including updating software with the latest security patches. We also maintain a backup of your site.

Many site owners make no further changes to their site. Some require small changes. And some request comprehensive revisions.

We will make free of charge minor changes through the life of your site. These may include rates changes, small text amendments, the addition or removal of the occasional image, and touring information. We make these changes free of charge provided the frequency is no more than one change per month.

In recognition that some site owners will require more comprehensive changes, here is a list of the most common requests and the estimated charge. We will advise if the work is likely to cost more or less than the amount shown.

• Site redesign – $400 for a single page site
• Moving site to different domain – $400 (single page site; +$150 per extra page)
• Adding more than a couple of images to the gallery – $75
• Incorporating new images in the text areas of the site – $75
• Adding images to both gallery and text areas – $100
• Massaging images (cropping, blurring, etc) – varies depending on quantity and complexity – around $5 per image
• Adding link buttons (eg P411/TER) – $50
• Adding video or a section (eg Wishlist) – $100
• Password protecting all or part of the site – $150+
• Creating onsite newsletter subscriber system – $250
• Sending mailers – $120 per year for one mailer per month
• Reinstating a site that has been allowed to expire – $150 plus standard renewal fee

Questions & Answers

We are a small team from Europe, Australia, and North America. Our experience dates back to the earliest days of the internet and includes the design and operation of websites in many diverse areas, including individual adult sites, ecommerce, legal, recruitment, and health websites. To date we host around 240 sites with design work acquired solely by word of mouth.
We have investigated in depth the best options for providers in the context of an increasingly restricted legal environment in the USA and elsewhere.

We are extremely mindful of your privacy. All our development is in-house. We do not require any personal information from you. Unless you specify otherwise, all our communication will be by encrypted email. After launch, your site stores only your live pages and images – we remove any content uploaded during the development process. We know that sometimes you may need to hide your site urgently and have a means for you to do that.

We choose to provide hosting as part of our packages because a fast connection and processor coupled with privacy is as vital as good design. We have selected fast secure servers located in Europe, managed by a company which specifically permits adult sites. Your site is backed up periodically to a separate host in a different European country.

We can register a new domain name with private ownership information or transfer your existing domain to your new site. For added security, our domain privacy is managed in Europe. Our designs are based on WordPress and can be transferred to your own suitably configured host should you wish to move hosts.

All the statistics we see on the sites we host point to a 60-70% mobile visitor profile. It is relatively simple to make a site look captivating on a wide laptop screen – but much more difficult on mobile.

Many designers don’t try to adapt for mobile so you often see unsuitable images, cropped in bizarre ways, impractical full screen gallery content, and booking forms that are unworkable.

For this reason it’s very important to review any example portfolios on your mobile as well as laptop.

We can recommend photographers in New York, Las Vegas, and Barcelona – and a videographer in New York All have proved themselves both professional and familiar with the boudoir style of photography.


We can certainly help with your site text – whether simply advising on your own writing, or creating content from bullet points on how you want to be portrayed. Some of the text in our example designs was written by us. Help in this area is not part of our standard pricing.

We can certainly help with addons you may want such as:
Privacy protection of all or part of the site

This may be possible and depends on the way your current site has been created. Let us have details on that and we can advise. The work involved is basically the same as designing both mobile and laptop versions, so we regret we cannot offer any discount for a mobile only site.

If you can provide final images and text at the outset, then the design process can take as little as a few days.

The process does depend on how quickly you can react to the private drafts we submit to you while we narrow down your preferred final design. We have created single page sites in as little as 3 days with immediate reactions from you on design and content.

We accept secure payment via Bitcoin. If you don’t understand Bitcoin, there is a useful primer here. Bitcoin is becoming mainstream and you no longer need to be a geek to buy and pay with Bitcoin online. There are also Bitcoin debit cards if you want to spend! Most importantly, Bitcoin is completely anonymous. You may find that offering Bitcoin as a payment option could be useful in the future for clients who are concerned about anonymity.

If you prefer, we can accept Cashapp in the USA or arrange for direct bank deposits in Australia or Europe.

We ask for a 50% deposit payment to commence work with the balance payable upon completion.

Contact Us

Please send us a message with as much information as you wish so that we can assess your current site design and hosting. We can comment on your current risk in terms of hosting location, server location, and domain registration.

We will then send you an email with some simple questions to start the design process.

To ensure our security, we use a fully encrypted mail service through ProtonMail. We suggest you open an account there to provide two-way secure communication.

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